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[Orion] Orion update 1.363 now available

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Subject: [Orion] Orion update 1.363 now available
From: Bill Tippett <btippett@alum.mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 17:02:14 -0400
List-post: <mailto:orion@contesting.com>

08/25/03 Version 1.359
- Added Hardware NB control to the NB button. Press and Hold to toggle.
- Added bandwidth/mode association. Mode auto recalls last used BW.
- Corrected drawing in mode menu to remove Unwanted lines on left of screen.
- Modified sub receivers AGC hang setting serial port function.

09/12/03 Version 1.360
- Added cross-mode ability via VFO selection.
- Added restore of mode/bw association to the serial port mode set command.

09/16/03 Version 1.361
- Keyer Speed and SEND selections now change based on the transmit mode. (part of the cross-mode changes)
- Changed TUNE mode to take into account the new cross-mode tx capability.
- Added BW and PBT exchange to the A/B swap function.

09/25/03 Version 1.362
- Corrected SUB RX FSK PBT bug. Was jumping to 0 when the PBT was adjusted.
- Added calls to update BW values on display when recalling a band registers.
- More patches for voice record/cross mode operation
- Modified serial interface TUNE routine to fix hang-up.
- Added lock-out to TUNE BUTTON if the radio is already in transmit.
- Modified NB/NR DSP for improved handling of large signals.

10/06/03 Version 1.363
- Added Clear function to master reset of USER storage.
- Fixed code in the highlight that was causing overwriting of TX MENU
- Fixed bug in mode-associated BW array index that caused USER recall crashes.
- Added RAM-CLEAR sequence (hold down VFOB LCK button at power-up)
- Added @A/@B prefix to 4-byte frequency query response.
- Now restoring VOX state after TUNE operation with internal tuner installed.
- Corrected XM indicator in STEP display. Now updated when changing receivers.
- Corrected typo in ?KV parser where main rx always indicated VFOA associated.
- Fixed bug in RX menu's HW NB display routine.

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