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[Orion] Audio woes...no more!

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Subject: [Orion] Audio woes...no more!
From: "Larry Menzel" <retire@means.net>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:56:03 -0500
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Hey guys.


Lately I posted that I was getting horrible audio reports with my Orion.


I’m here to report that after carefully reading the manual, with the help
and understanding of a couple guys, and the assistance of Paul Clinton from
TenTec, my problem has been solved.


I switched from a lesser quality mic to my Heil Heritage, first of all, used
new HeilWire, and made sure that the ground was not on the mic pin but on
the shell of the connector on both the XLR connector to the mic as well as
on the radio and VIOLA!   Perfect audio reports.  “best you’re ever sounded”
coming back to me again.


So….I’m a very happy camper once again.  My main love is still CW, and it’s
works superbly there, as you all know.  Now it’s working well on ssb as


Please disregard my previous post, and once again, RTFML (read the freekin’
manual, Larry)


Larry, N0XB

Northfield, MN




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