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Re: [Orion] Audio woes...no more!

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Subject: Re: [Orion] Audio woes...no more!
From: Duane A Calvin <ac5aa@juno.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 21:07:46 -0500
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What?  John has two of them?  What's to become of the gripers on the TT
reflector who expressed "alarm" when they "hadn't heard from John, ON4UN,
lately"??  :-)  

Enjoying my Orion, despite a few minor glitches, some of which I'm
working on (Heil mic related).

        73,  Duane

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 20:29:16 EDT WB3LGC@aol.com writes:
> Dick, 
> Great radio.  I read the manual before I got the radio, I watched 
> the  DVD 
> before I started to use the radio.  I went back and re-read sections 
> of  the 
> manual and re-watched sections of the DVD...  I had no problem  
> getting the radio 
> to work right off.  I am very happy with the way it  works.  I can 
> hear 
> things I can't work with 100 watts and a G5RV antenna,  at least 
> when I am working 
> against the KW's with the six element beams in a  pile-up.
> I didn't want the bells and whistles, I wanted a great radio.  Check 
>  out 
> ON4UN's new book, he has dual Orion's...
> 73, Steve
> In a message dated 4/15/2005 11:07:44 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
> rbeersr@ev1.net writes:
> Hi  Steve.... I've been looking at the Orion for several years now 
> wondering  if it the radio for me. Today I received and viewed the 
> DVD 
> on the Orion  from Ten Tec. Wow! there is so much to learn about 
> this 
> radio to make it  perform correctly. I watched Scott W4PA work with 
> the 
> parameters of the  radio for 40 minutes and was mind boggled! What 
> is 
> your honest  assessment of the Orion? Is this radio ready for 
> "primetime" or  it still in development? After watching the DVD, I 
> was 
> less convinced that  I wanted to replace my TS-950SDX than before.   
> Dick    W5AK
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Duane Calvin, AC5AA
Austin, Texas

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