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Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:09:02 -0500
>Regarding the posts from K9HUH and WD0JRD, I have to say a hearty amen to
>I had a severe interference problem with my neighbor who uses TCI Cable.  I
>started isolating the problem by installing a pair of rabbit ears on his TV
>while I loaded up the kilowatt.  There was absolutely no problem at all at
>that point.  I reinstalled the cable and the RFI was back.  I then called
>to discuss the situation and they wouldn't talk to me.  There contention
>that the person who is having the problem must report it.  They were too
>legalistic to be practical.  I offered that info to my neighbor and let him
>run with it at that point.  

One point I forgot to mention in my last post.  I have a number of contacts
in the cable industry management and in their leadership on the Society of
Cable Telecasting engineers.  These contacts have been very instrumental in
helping to resolve these sorts of individual problems.

Hams who run into difficulties getting their local cable companies to do the
correct thing should first try to resolve it locally.  If that doesn't work
out, put together as complete a report as you can, describing the problem,
what has, or has not been done, who said what, etc., and send it to me.  I
will offer any help I personally can and, unless it is an unworkable
situation (an S1 leak on a frequency that is not being used, but one hears
it when one tunes around...), I will forward it to either my contact at the
corporate office in the individual cable company, or my contact on the SCTE
Board, who has always been able to help me make another contact.

The approach I will take is one of cooperation and assistance.  A few of
these issues have been resolved through this type of contact.  However, I
don't want to go to the well too often and do need to ensure that the people
that my contact introduces me to are treated fairly, or those introductions
may not happen nearly as often.  

73, Ed, W1RFI

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