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[RFI] Garage Door Opening transmitting on 40m

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Subject: [RFI] Garage Door Opening transmitting on 40m
From: michael w. elliott" <kq0b@sprintmail.com (michael w. elliott)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 21:11:33 -0600
I have a neighbor complaining about his garage door openning attributes
me as the cause  .. oh well gess there no one else to blame as my tower
is only 40 or so feet from his house.

My 40m antenna is at 80ft 
I often work the short path into pacific.

Has anyone else experience this problem with garage door openner being
affected by rfi ???

What was your solution to cure the prob.

It is strange as no one else is having this prob and I do not 
experience it with my door openner.

I have given him solutions to resolving as follows:
1. change the access code on unit as well as the remote controller

2. check to see if it is properly grounded

3. contact the manufacturer for any know cures

4. use a ferrite 

5. try an ac filter

6. make sure the wall electrical connection is good

Never ran into this before so any help in steering me the right way
would be appreciated.


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