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[RFI] Ferrites???

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Subject: [RFI] Ferrites???
From: EDWARDS, EDDIE J" <eedwards@oppd.com (EDWARDS, EDDIE J)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 13:11:00 -0600
Greetings Dan! 
Nice to see another Nebraskan on the list!

> I am newly subscribed to this list and in the past few days
> have seen no messages. Maybe the traffic is slow right now.
        [KØiL]  It comes in spurts.

> Anyhoo....I am in the process of trying to get the RFI out
> of my and the neighbor's TV sets. We are both on cable and
> I am having limited success with the two different Radio Shack 
> ferrite cores. Is there anything better out there? I need to
> use them on the power cables and the cable TV cable. If I
> don't have any success soon, I will be back on this reflector
> lookin' for more HELP! Thanks es
        [KØiL]  I suspect you've got audio amplifier performing RF
detection.  You need to place the ferrites on the speaker cables as close to
the audio output (right at the PC board if possible) with as many windings
as possible.  If it is audio detection, it won't matter at all how many
ferrites you install on the power cord or cable TV or antenna cable although
this will sut down on the amount of RF getting into the TV via those
conductors.  Direct pick-up onto speaker wires causes most problems.

        If the TV has internal speakers as most stereo TVs do, the TV's
plastic case will need to be opened preferrably by a qualified technician.
I would not do this work yourself unless the neighbor is your best friend
and you can trust him not to sue you when the TV breaks down sometime later.
Sometimes there's a lot of speaker wire inside the TV acting as an good RF
antenna.  The more wire the better so that it can be wrapped around the
ferrites as much as possible without splicing.  

        If you can get into Omaha's 34/94 repeater, give me a call & let me
know how ya make out.  Good Luck!

        de ed -KØiL
        Omaha, NE

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