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Subject: [RFI] re: Mystery Noise
From: Jim Idelson <jimi@designet.com> (Jim Idelson)
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 10:44:04 -0400
Hi everybody,

Thanks to all who responded to my call for assistance. I received so 
many messages, I need to respond to you as a group - not individually.
1.      To those of you who gave me ideas on how to track the noise more 
accurately with a receiver and DF antenna, I'm collecting the stuff and
waiting patiently for the noise to return so I can run out in the cold and make
tracks in the snow. See Note 1 below.
2.      And those of you who suggested the kinds of appliances that
might be emanating the noise were very creative. I'll be  on the lookout for 
an aquarium equipped with a pump, thermostat, flourescent lighting on a dimmer 
and, of course, a doorbell. Waiting patiently for the noise to return.
See Note 1 below.
3.      Many of you focused on ways to handle the sensitive situation
with these neighbors. Getting the power company involved in the discussion
[and focusing on the idea that we are eliminating the strong possibility that 
the noisy device might actually cause the neighbors' house to burn to the 
ground] is a stroke of brilliance.
        And some of you suggested that I might mount a counteroffensive
strategy using penetrating RF fields or just the right amount of explosive
material. I sure wish you guys had been at my public hearings a couple of 
months ago. I would definitely have asked you to handle the most sensitive 
4.      One message came through a bit garbled. Am I supposed to hit
the utility pole or the neighbor with the sledge hammer?
Note 1: I fully expect the noise to return only in the midst of a 200 to 230
QSO/hour run in the upcoming ARRL DX Contest.
Jim K1IR
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