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[RFI] Re:trouble shooting techniques for noise

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Subject: [RFI] Re:trouble shooting techniques for noise
From: Paul Hicks VE3BBH / VE3ZT <ve3bbh@interlog.com> (Paul Hicks VE3BBH / VE3ZT)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 18:00:04 -0400
Hi Tim and Others,

Just to let you know I'm following this (these) thread(s) with interest.
I'm hearing lots of crap up here on hf. I'm about 120 miles north or
Toronto in "cottage country", not heavily populated but the road around the
lakes are populated with cottages/homes. There is a small airport about 1
mile east of me, several microwave/cellular towers on the hills. No CATV
but lots of hv hydro lines and telco stuff running behind my place. Hearing
lots of crud on 10, could be some of this wireless phone stuff from a
neighbouring house. 

Yesterday was sunny and dry, nice and quiet on the bands. Today is wet and
very noisy, typical hydro buzzing, sputtering. Telephone line is noisy
(static sounding), hard to connect with my ISP.

Following this "noise" thread with interest.

73, Paul

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