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R: [RFI] Re:trouble shooting techniques for noise

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Subject: R: [RFI] Re:trouble shooting techniques for noise
From: Maurizio Panicara" <i4jmy@iol.it (Maurizio Panicara)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:16:29 +0200
Concerning the power line noise, I and many others experienced the opposite
with noise on DRY days and quietness or better situation, anyway, on the wet
Probably this apply to QRM generated by corona effects or because dilavation
of dirty isolators.

Mauri I4JMY

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Da: Paul Hicks VE3BBH / VE3ZT <ve3bbh@interlog.com>
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Data invio: lunedì 11 ottobre 1999 0.00
Oggetto: [RFI] Re:trouble shooting techniques for noise

> Yesterday was sunny and dry, nice and quiet on the bands. Today is wet and
> very noisy, typical hydro buzzing, sputtering. Telephone line is noisy
> (static sounding), hard to connect with my ISP.
> Following this "noise" thread with interest.
> 73, Paul

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