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[RFI] Line Noise

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Subject: [RFI] Line Noise
From: Dana Roode <K6NR@ARRL.net> (Dana Roode)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 20:12:46 -0800
Hi all,

Anyone have any sage advice about dealing with Line Noise?  I've had
S5-8 QRN on 80 and 160 for years, but now I'm getting strong QRN on
the higher bands (20-6) at times.  Seems like there are multiple noise
sources, I'm not sure where to start.  I haven't read the ARRL RFI
book line noise chapter for awhile, guess I could start there -
tracking down the sources of the noise myself seems difficult,
especially when the lesser noises are not even audible in my portable
equipment (very audible with the 80m vertical at home, however).

I'm located in the Southern California urban sprawl, the city of
Irvine to be exact.  Im on a 5000 sf lot, with neighbors all around,
and new development (retail, commercial) nearby.  All of our utilities
are underground, but there is a high voltage line running down a main
street a block away.  When the loud noise is on, I can drive down that
line and hear peaks every so often.

I've called Southern California Edison, and they've been out twice. 
They can't hear anything in their equipment, and leave.  The lesser
noise they attributed to commercial or residential usage because it is
never affected by rain.

Any tips?  Anyone worked with SCE successfully?  Is there a private
expert one can call upon to sort through line noise sources?

Thanks for any suggestions,

   Dana, K6NR

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