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Subject: [RFI] corded phone rfi
From: Norell Bennett W." <bnorell@lge.co.kr (Norell Bennett W.)
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 12:15:10 KST
Hi Gang,

I've followed the threads recently about tvi and phone rfi,
and I have to ask about my recently noticed problem.

During the past week, I've tried rs-13 contacts with 2m uplink.
I'm using about 25w to an 11 element horizontal 2m beam at about 50ft.
No elevation option.

With the sat starting its pass, I am pointing the antenna basically
in the direction of my neighbor about 75ft away from my antenna.

If she is on her corded wall phone, she says she can't hear the
person she is talking to (usually her 86 year old mother 600miles away)
because she hears my garbled transmission. She can't understand what
I am saying through her phone, but we both agree it's me.

It's happened twice this week, with no time on either end to 
check basics, (does it happen if I turn the antenna away from her 
house? nor have I tried any rfi filters or ferrites on her phone
lines.  She says it happens at least on two of her phones.
I haven't been in her house yet or talked to her in-depth about
unterminated phone lines or other items.

If possible, I would like to get some opinions about what kind of
interference she might be getting from me, and steps to take to 
investigate. If I have the time, I will try to disconnect all phones
and start from square 1. But if they have interference even on the
first phone, where do I go from there (filters, ferrites)?
I have no filters on my 2m gear.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Bennett ko2ok in NJ
PS. this is my work email, my mail is routed thru Korea.

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