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[RFI] Power supply interference

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Subject: [RFI] Power supply interference
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 21:21:44 -0400 (EDT)
  I recently purchased a NEC flat panel monitor which I like very much, my
problem is the small power supply that came with it. The  ps is giving me alot
of junk on hf I know it is the ps because even when I disconnect it from the
monitor the interference doesnt go away until I unplug it from the wall, I
wrapped both ends (it is the kind that has a cord that goes to the monitor
and one to the outlet unlike a wall wort hi!) with ferrite donuts and it did
nothing.. I guess my question is there a place that sells power supplies like
this that maybe better filtered it,s specs are input: 100-240v 1.2A  
output: 12v 4A center pin + , I went to Comp USA and RS but no luck I would
really like to just replace it with a better one if I knew where to maybe
get one, also when I actually touch the supply itself the noise goes up and
down I beleive that the Ps is just a junky unfiltered one I had a problem like
this once in the shack with another piece of equipment and just found a comp-
atible one of the same specs and replaced it except that one was a little
easier to find then this one,, any ideas or comments are appreciated Thank
You  73,s
       Mark Zavatsky   K1ZZZ  ex: HL9WK
       Fairfield,CT.                           MZAVATSKY@fair1.fairfield.edu


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