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[RFI] [DX4WIN] 2m High Power Cordless Phones!!!!

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Subject: [RFI] [DX4WIN] 2m High Power Cordless Phones!!!!
From: Hare,Ed, W1RFI" <w1rfi@arrl.org (Hare,Ed, W1RFI)
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 12:56:44 -0400
Hi, guys,



It took a bit of digging, but ARRL managed to winnow down the numerous
companies selling these units and file a formal complain with the FCC.  This
first round selected US companies, with street addresses, selling phones for
which ARRL has inidications operate on Amateur frequencies.  

Because it appears that many companies advertising these products don't
advertise frequencies or apparently change frequencies on their web page to
address complaints, ARRL is working on a next round that will include any
such device that do not appear to be FCC certificated, irrespective of
whether they are marketed as operating on ham bands or on adjacent VHF and
UHF spectrum.  Hams should keep in mind that most (not all) of the 900-MHz
and 2.4 GHz devices are legally certificated and can be offered for sale.
In those cases, they present a problem only if actual harmful interference
results from their use.

What would be good information is any reports on actual harmful interference
from any unlicensed transmitter or any report from a ham who has either
purchased one of these long-range cordless phones or received an offer to
sell one from a company that knew it was going to a US address.  These sorts
of problems will strengthen any formal complaints ARRL sends to the FCC.

At this stage, I suggest we let the dust settle a bit and see which of these
sites and eBay sellers decide to discontinue the sale of these products.  I
will look closely at those that remain and if it appears that they may not
be certificated devices, they will be considered for inclusion in the next
round of ARRL reports. Please send any such reports to rfi@arrl.org, in a
form that I can send to the FCC, if necessary. 

Ed Hare, W1RFI
225 Main St
Newington, CT 06111
Tel: 860-594-0318
Internet: w1rfi@arrl.org
Web: http://www.arrl.org/tis

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> From: Pete Smith [mailto:n4zr@contesting.com]
> Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 9:11 PM
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> Subject: RE: [RFI] [DX4WIN] 2m High Power Cordless Phones!!!!
> At 05:19 PM 5/21/01 -0400, Hare,Ed, W1RFI wrote:
> ...  At this point, I don't know if they made a change
> >to throw the hounds off the track, or to correct a typo on 
> the original
> >page. 
> >
> >Did ANYONE print the original page and, if so, can you FAX 
> it to me at ARRL
> >HQ?  Thanks. I figured I could print it out today, but that 
> was before the
> >inevitable email bombing to the company. 
> For anyone who might have looked at the page before it was 
> changed, it is
> at least possible that it remains in your browser cache.  You 
> can perhaps
> check this by going to the relevant link and NOT hitting 
> refresh.  If it
> comes up with the 146 MHz link, then by all means print it 
> and fax it to Ed.
> If that doesn't work out, it seems to me as if there are a number of
> independent witnesses to the prior state of the web page.  It 
> would stretch
> the bounds of credulity to imagine it was just an innocent 
> typo.  Even if
> the offending page can no longer be found, it would not seem 
> impossible to
> ask for FCC action on the basis of what credible people saw.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
> No, no ... that's WEST Virginia

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