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[RFI] Filing Comments to FCC

To: <rfi@contesting.com>
Subject: [RFI] Filing Comments to FCC
From: wx5l at charter.net (WX5L)
Date: Thu Aug 7 07:02:14 2003

Although I filed my comments to the FCC about BPL several weeks ago the
deadline has been extended untill August 20th.

I inadvertently deleted the process and ID number to file. Could someone
resend that info to me so I can circulate that info since there's more time.

I would advise everyone who is interested in the future of HF/VHF
communications in our wonderful hobby keep abreast of all the info being
exchanged via the reflectors, expecially the recent video's by ARRL
demonstrating this serious RFI threat.


Thibodaux, Louisiana

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