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[RFI] Filing Comments to FCC

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Subject: [RFI] Filing Comments to FCC
From: jimsmith at shaw.ca (Jim Smith)
Date: Fri Aug 8 16:56:38 2003
I doubt that the presence or absence of hams would have made any 
difference.  It is the UPLC members who have not reported interference. 
 This is not the same as reporting that there was no interference.  Of 
course they haven't reported any interference.  Why would they?  I can 
just see it.  Conscientious engineer says, "Hey Boss, this stuff 
radiates all kinds of interference."  Boss says, "I'll take care of the 
problem," and tosses the report into the garbage.  Sr. Manager says to 
Boss, "Are you going to report any interference problems?"  Boss, 
knowing how hard it is to find jobs in the hi-tech industry says, "Hell, 
no."  If you've worked in middle management I'm sure you'll recognize 
this little scenario.

73 and good luck with this guys,

Jim Smith    VE7FO


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>From: Jimk8mr@aol.com
>at page 9, includes a real whopper:  "The UPLC is pleased to respond
>there has been no interference reported in any of the field trials by
>They must've found some small towns to do these tests in that had no ham
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