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Subject: [RFI] BPL
From: tomcox at iquest.net (Tom Cox)
Date: Fri Aug 8 12:04:09 2003
Here's my reply to a comment from a BPL snake-oil vendor.
See it online at

Replies to comments are allowed til 8/20. Find a comment that promotes 
BPL, and reply to it.
Make it grammatical, logical, civil and SHORT.

73 de Tom, KT9OM
[comment reply text below:]

Reply 6514285833 from Satius, Inc., contains several unfounded 
conclusions. As
someone who has dealt with RFI from power lines in the HF and VHF 
regions for
decades, I am quite certain that BPL will do nothing but aggravate this
situation to a very high degree.

RF in the HF and VHF regions easily enters and exits the power distribution
system by radiation from overhead power lines, and there is no reason to
conclude that BPL will somehow be the exception to this phenomenon. BPL will
interfere with my lawful radio amateur activity, and my activity will almost
certainly reduce the performance of BPL in my vicinity, as well.

In an era when hightened sensitivity to terrorist attacks and natural 
are a perfectly rational reaction to current events, this is no time to
compromise HF and VHF communications with this unnecessary and complex

I strongly urge the Commissioners to disallow BPL until or unless these 
can be addressed with certainty and independently verifiable results.

Thomas D. Cox, KT9OM
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