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[RFI] Broadband over Power Line Video

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Subject: [RFI] Broadband over Power Line Video
From: eedwards at oppd.com (EDWARDS, EDDIE J)
Date: Thu Aug 7 10:27:00 2003
The trial area #4 in the later part of the video is pretty convincing
even to the uninitiated.  But the noise in the first couple test areas
seems to be mostly common power line spark noise and/or ignition noise.
Is this the case or am I just not hearing it?  I do hear something
cutting in/out fairly infrequently.  Is that BPL noise or something

 de ed -K0iL

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From: Kevin Hemsley 
The ARRL website published a story today about Broadband over Power Line
(BPL) technology. The story includes a video clip shot by Ed Hare,
The video tells a pretty ugly story without any dialogue. Ed, did you
have a
chance to visit with any hams in the areas you visited? I just wondered
their thoughts were. I can't imagine that they are very happy about BPL.



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