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[RFI] Broadband over Power Line Video Conferance

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Subject: [RFI] Broadband over Power Line Video Conferance
From: n4zr at contesting.com (Pete Smith)
Date: Thu Aug 7 13:07:28 2003
At 12:44 PM 8/7/03 -0400, Peter D. Vouvounas wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Just recently received my mailer from the UTC - Looks like BPL may well be
>the end of HF as we know it.  Should we have a showing for the event listed

I dunno --this looks more like advocacy than any sort of a done deal.  As 
someone commented, how can NTIA insist on not giving amateurs a real band 
at 5 MHz because of homeland security needs, then turn around and not 
oppose BPL?  Same should go for the military as well.  We can lick this thing.

73, Pete N4ZR
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