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No More Nice Guy? (was RE: [RFI] BPL video FAQs)

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Subject: No More Nice Guy? (was RE: [RFI] BPL video FAQs)
From: k5iid at earthlink.net (Thomas Horton)
Date: Sat Aug 9 17:47:12 2003
 Concerning your comments below, this is where the power company 
guy comes in. If you don't know your local guy, find out who it is, 
meet him, buy him a beer , steak, hamburger , whatever. Many
times these guys are hams themselves.
I've had my guy here knock on doors, find problems inside 
and get them fixed. You are probably right that if you don't know the people
they will probably blow you off.
I had a power company guy in West Tx find and get fixed a fish
tank heater.
 Sometimes it takes a while to get things done, but persistance 
is the key.

73, Tom K5IID

Problem is where is it coming from and what is it.
Kind of tough to ask the folks next door or down the street to let 
you into their home because you're searching for a part 15 device 
which is causing interference to ham radio. They'll say 1. what the 
hell is a part 15 device and 2. why should I care and 3. no you 
can't come into my house, hit the road.

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