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[RFI] RE: Concerning BPL video

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Subject: [RFI] RE: Concerning BPL video
From: ka5s at earthlink.net (Cortland Richmond)
Date: Mon Aug 11 18:03:55 2003
Well, I have now got two _mostly_ working analyzers (141T/8554L/8552B IF
and a Tek 7L14/7903), and a couple of power inverters, so I could run
either one mobile. They're not calibrated, but spectrum shape and amplitude
relative to _desired_ signals could be instructive. I understand from one
company's comments that they were running tests in the San Mateo area. 
Perhaps I'll take a drive down there and look. The Tek might even run off a
little (140/200 watt) inverter in my compact car.  If not, I've got a 600
watt one and an old RV that has a marine/deep cycle battery. 


> [Original Message]
> From: Hare,Ed, W1RFI <w1rfi@arrl.org>
> What is apparently needed is a spectrum analyzer plot of the noise,
showing how it varies with frequency in a way that sparking could not vary
and a time-domain plot, showing the bursts that are not at all like what is
found from power-line sparking.  I will be sure to gather that data on my
next visit to the trial areas.  

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