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[RFI] RE: Concerning BPL video

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Subject: [RFI] RE: Concerning BPL video
From: w1rfi at arrl.org (Hare,Ed, W1RFI)
Date: Tue Aug 12 19:57:07 2003
> Maybe I down loaded the results of and interference complaint caused by a
> combination of power line sparking and several narrow band 
> inside noise sources. I'll listen again.

I converted the video to a .wav file and ran it through an oscilloscope to get 
a signature.  A bit of audio clipping somewhere in the process, but the 
signature is clearly not sparking.


120-Hz pulses would be spaced every 8.3 ms; these are spaced at random 

I don't know if you played the video all the way through, Mike, because no one 
could call what was seen in trial area #4, birdie after birdie for several MHz 
and a few miles as "several narrow-band inside noise sources."

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> Subject: [RFI] RE: Concerning BPL video
> Well, it's obvious from the BPL video that BPL is indeed needed. I say
> this because of the bandwidth that is used up by all the unjustified
> negative publicity concerning BPL. After listening to the 
> audio several
> times, I hear nothing that sounds like BPL. I'm a little 
> confused. Maybe
> I down loaded the results of and interference complaint caused by a
> combination of power line sparking and several narrow band 
> inside noise
> sources. I'll listen again.
> Question:
> Has anyone ever heard of a complaint filed by a ham that is 
> experiencing
> RI from BPL? I have. The source was a touch control lamp 2 
> blocks away.
> With an active BPL system in the QTH.
> I'm in the business of locating the sources of RFI, regardless of the
> cause(s). So if BPL were a problem, it could be seen as another source
> of job security for me. However, to this date I haven't heard 
> of another
> complaint made by a ham claiming to have problems from BPL. Why?
> Has anyone else seen a complaint that the cause was found to be BPL? 
> Of all the concerns we read about on reflectors, why are they all
> responses to the concerns and never about a known problem? Surely
> someone would have had one by now. These test systems are in 
> areas that
> know one even knows about. Still no complaints. After everyone is
> notified that the system is under test and it is offered, still no
> complaints. Why?
> When I'm testing for BPL emissions, I can hear it while my 
> antenna is 20
> feet from the source. However, when I drive away the signal is gone.
> Why don't we put this much energy into stricter enforcement concerning
> Dimmers, touch control lamps, doorbell transformers, aquarium heaters,
> power supplies, TV sets and telephones. This would be a real 
> challenge.
> I investigate over 500 RFI complaints per year and over 60% 
> of them are
> the sources listed above. Their are more but they are the 
> most frequent.
> Power line carrier systems have been in houses and on power lines for
> the entire 25 years I've been involved in RFI. I can count the
> complaints concerning them on one hand. Those systems didn't 
> bypass the
> ham bands as do the new systems.
> The questions I'm asking above are not because I'm looking 
> for answers.
> They are questions you should ask yourself. 
> I think I already know the answers.
> Very sincerely Best wishes,
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