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[RFI] BPL Support?

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Subject: [RFI] BPL Support?
From: wa4tukhr at comcast.net (Patrick A. Thompson Sr.)
Date: Tue Aug 12 20:04:21 2003
Does this mean that you cannot use the ECFS web form for reply comments?
You must use the file upload method?


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> Cortland Richmond said:
> > But... remember to file REPLY comments, AND to specific Comments others
> > have already filed. Time's past for plain old Comment on this matter. 
> Many people have been filing "Comments" instead of "Reply Comments".
> As of today there are only 76 Reply Comments and some of those were
> filed PRIOR to the end of the Comment period! And a lot of the Comments
> filed were filed AFTER the close of the Comment period! I fear we're
> losing a lot of clout because of misfilings.
> And as Cortland pointed out, I'm seeing a lot of Reply Comments that
> don't address specific previously filed comments. Those don't help.
> Kris N5KM
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