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[RFI] BPL Support?

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Subject: [RFI] BPL Support?
From: ka5s at earthlink.net (Cortland Richmond)
Date: Tue Aug 12 19:11:38 2003
Well, on THIS list, Chuck, you are preaching to the choir, as they say.

Yes indeed. File!

But... remember to file REPLY comments, AND to specific Comments others
have already filed. Time's past for plain old Comment on this matter. 


I find myself doing long Reply Comments, trying to refute or cast doubt on
several or many of a proponent's arguments. Spent 7 hours yesterday on one,
11 pages, and got so involved I missed a weekly net. You do not need to
send Word documents; you can cut and paste directly into the "brief
comment" window (just remember to keep lines to less than 70 characters). 
And be sure to identify your filing in the cover sheet menu as a REPLY

Others do short Reply Comments.  If enough of us filed Replies, that'd work
great; Attack of the Killer Mosquitoes. (grin) 
But I don't see enough of us filing replies >>aimed at specific comments<<. 

I suspect proponents will ask the Commission to *dismiss as improperly
filed all the VERY many late Comments* (not Reply Comments) --  AND to
*dismiss as improperly filed Reply Comments not addressing a specific
earlier-filed Comment*.  I would not be surprised if the Commission were to
agree. Because -- in spite of the low percentage of us filing, we may still
end up overloading  the FCC.   

We've got a week yet. There's still time to file (properly) and, if we've
filed the wrong way, to refile correctly. And maybe the Commission will
actually read what we write.


> [Original Message]
> From: Chuck Gooden <CGooden@insightbb.com>
> Where are all the 676,000 licensed hams?  Please everyone do 
> what you can to get the word out concerning this issue.  And if you 
> have been waiting to send your comments, please do so soon 
> before its too late.

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