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[RFI] cutting unnecessary text

To: <rfi@contesting.com>
Subject: [RFI] cutting unnecessary text
From: tomcox at iquest.net (Tom Cox)
Date: Mon Aug 11 20:26:12 2003
Hi, everyone -- 

I have a suggestion that will reduce the size of the Digest e-mail, and
make it more readable. Please delete the portion of the message you are
replying to that isn't essential to understanding the context of your
reply. One message in the last Digest had three generations of "quoted
inline" text from previous e-mails. 

A sample looks like this in my e-mail client: 

> > > Well, it's obvious from the BPL video that BPL is indeed 
> > needed. I say
> > > this because of the bandwidth that is used up by all the 
> unjustified

If you delete all but the important text (leaving <snip> or [...] to let
people know you are excerpting), your replies are easier to read and take
up less Internet bandwidth and hard drive space. 

Thanks for reading,
Tom, KT9OM
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