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Subject: [RFI] Re: Support?
From: k5uj at hotmail.com (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Wed Aug 13 09:58:08 2003
unfortunately I suspect a lot of hams either don't think it's that big a 
deal, are not HF operators and don't think they have to care about it, or 
think someone else will take care of it.

It's too late to set this up now (or maybe not) but perhaps ARRL should 
consider setting up a grass roots ham organization like what the NRA has.  I 
understand any time some new proposed gun regulation looks like it might 
have legs, the NRA calls, faxes, emails its members who respond by calling, 
and writing legeslators.  If we assume BPL won't be the last massive 
widespread attempted invasion of our spectrum allocations it might be wise 
for someone at ARRL to write a tutorial in QST on how to comment to FCC, 
what the process is, etc. so we don't have these botched filings, and set up 
a network involving the membership.  It would work like this:  Members who 
wish to volunteer, would be placed on a contact list with their preferred 
communication--it might be phone no., email addr., postal addr., fax no., 
whatever.  Everyone would be assigned specific legeslators at all levels 
depending on the particular threat.  so for example since I live in 
Illinois, I'd have on my list the IL congressman from my district, senator 
etc. with their phone nos., email and postal addrs. and so on, along with 
the FCC.  When needed, we'd all get the message to contact these people, 
with a suggested text or we could make up our own with it as a guide.  NRA 
does something like this and it is quite effective I understand.  While we 
don't have their numbers, we might get several thousand responses instead of 
a few hundred, and more important, they would be sent to the right people 
and filed correctly because we'd be more coordinated, organized and have 
better instructions.  just a thought.

Rob Atkinson

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