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[RFI] BPL alternatives(amended)

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Subject: [RFI] BPL alternatives(amended)
From: wa4tukhr at comcast.net (Patrick A. Thompson Sr.)
Date: Fri Aug 15 21:16:55 2003
When and if it becomes necessary, I hope the ARRL will spin off a political
lobbying group.  Model this after whatever organization you think is

As for what to do now, support the BPL fund at ARRL and post reply comments.

And, while I'm preaching to the choir, take word of the coming threat to
your local nets, your local clubs, and to the other amateur lists that you
subscribe. A little hysteria would serve better than complacency.

There is no reason for the guy that only works 2 meters and 440 Mhz to be
smug.  These bands will be next.

We should recruit the radio astronomers, model aircraft hobbyists, SWL's,
short-wave broadcasters, low band VHF TV viewers, low band VHF public
service users to help.

What sort of mixing products do you get when you mix broadband HF hash with
high power discreet frequencies?


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> The FCC isn't the critical party to convince concerning the
> practicality of
> BPL.  The power utilities are the force behind the steamroller.
> They smell a
> huge cash cow, $40 per month from 50% of the households across
> America and not
> much of a capital outlay.  That's why power companies are laying
> out millions
> per month in D.C. consultants, lobbyists and F.C.C. lawyers.  My
> local public
> utility district has had a special division handling BPL matters
> for several
> years, paid for by the ratepayers.  Engineering technical
> arguments have had no
> weight in the F.C.C. for at least a decade.  Look who the F.C.C.
> appoints to
> deal with Amateur radio, an attorney.  The F.C.C. forced the
> public safety and
> commercial users on 800 MHz into a financial quagmire and rf interference
> jungle,  all to the benefit of one monopolistic corporation.
> We can keep arguing within our hobby/interest group about the technical
> aspects until the h.f. spectrum is filled with BPL woodpecker on
> Viagra.  The
> solution is a political one in Congress.
> Cliff N7HIY
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