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[RFI] BPL alternatives(amended)

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Subject: [RFI] BPL alternatives(amended)
From: wa2bpe at infoblvd.net (WA2BPE)
Date: Fri Aug 15 14:34:05 2003
And don't forget the local, state, etc. taxes that would be collected!!!!

And as a reminder, of the five FCC commissioners (including the chairman), the
formal education  background is three lawyers, and the remaining two have 
in - history!  Background in anything technical - unknown.

Having to "solve" problems politically rather than on technical merit is
unfortunate but seems to be the predominant method today; even the power grid
problems (from what I have heard) that has (and still is as of this writing)
affected so many is a question of $$$ and politics, not technical solutions.

Tom - WA2BPE

CliffHazen@aol.com wrote:

> The FCC isn't the critical party to convince concerning the practicality of
> BPL.  The power utilities are the force behind the steamroller.  They smell a
> huge cash cow, $40 per month from 50% of the households across America and not
> much of a capital outlay.  That's why power companies are laying out millions
> per month in D.C. consultants, lobbyists and F.C.C. lawyers.  My local public
> utility district has had a special division handling BPL matters for several
> years, paid for by the ratepayers.  Engineering technical arguments have had 
> no
> weight in the F.C.C. for at least a decade.  Look who the F.C.C. appoints to
> deal with Amateur radio, an attorney.  The F.C.C. forced the public safety and
> commercial users on 800 MHz into a financial quagmire and rf interference
> jungle,  all to the benefit of one monopolistic corporation.
> We can keep arguing within our hobby/interest group about the technical
> aspects until the h.f. spectrum is filled with BPL woodpecker on Viagra.  The
> solution is a political one in Congress.
> Cliff N7HIY
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