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Subject: [RFI] BPL alternatives
From: dgsvetan at rockwellcollins.com (dgsvetan@rockwellcollins.com)
Date: Fri Aug 15 14:20:39 2003

Thanks for the link.  Yep, that's one promising way, although it still
needs R&D time AND an actual, viable market to develop.  The kicker is that
for those of us who are in the boonies right now, there are at least 2
existing alternatives to the BPL monster:  fiber optic (to carry the access
signal, rather than the open power wires) and an at-home satellite
terminal, such as offerred by Earthlink (and probably others).  The
terminal is pricey, but for-real, and can be placed in most areas around
the US.  it provides bi-directional high speed access.  The fiber optics
are also for-real, but implementing it is a financial issue that the power
companies do not seem willing to address.  They find it easier to feed
their greed using the wires and consequently stepping all over the
incumbent spectrum users.

Regarding another of today's threads:  I would guess that in large scale
emergencies, BPL will rank right in there with cell phones for

73, Dale

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I can certainly understand why there are people out there that are
frustrated by their inability to get broadband access to their home, BUT
there is no way you can convince me that polluting the HF radio spectrum
is the only way to do it!  Here's at least 1 example of an alternative.


There are more alternatives being conceived all the time.  This just isn't
necessary.  Hopefully, the FCC can be convinced of this.
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