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[RFI] PG&E Finally Acts on my RFI Complaint

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Subject: [RFI] PG&E Finally Acts on my RFI Complaint
From: wsanders1 at yahoo.com (KF6IIU)
Date: Sat Aug 16 16:36:06 2003
It took a while but PG&E finally addressed my RFI problem. Now, instead
of S9 noise 50%of the time from one specific pole across the street, I
have S5 noise all the time from everywhere else. (sigh) 

I originally entered the call on 4/9/03, followed up by registered mail
to PG&E's mail center and the CA PUC on 5/28. An outage was scheduled
on my block for June 16, but no work was done. Finally, in the last
couple weeks, while I've been at work, the top bars and insulators on 2
poles have been replaced and a loose guy wire removed. 

The key to getting service seems to be being able to get hold of the
individual lineman or supervisor for your area. All the line crew for
my neighborhood is very professional, with business cards and cell
phone numbers. The breakdown in communication seemed to occur as the
original call to the 800 number was never dispatched to the right
supervisor, or never dispatched at all. Once I sent certified mail (and
threatened them with a thrashing from a wet noodle by the FCC, using
the ARRL's pro forma letter) the right people got notified.

Now it's on to tracking down the constant S5 noise..... a ham's RFI
work is never done....

-Wiley KF6IIU
 Lafayette CA

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