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[RFI] PG&E Finally Acts on my RFI Complaint

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Subject: [RFI] PG&E Finally Acts on my RFI Complaint
From: k5iid at earthlink.net (Thomas Horton)
Date: Sat Aug 16 18:41:32 2003
 Good deal. Keep on em and you get action!
I really think the FCC thrashes with more than 
a wet noodle, however.
73, Tom K5IID

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> From: KF6IIU <wsanders1@yahoo.com>
> To: <rfi@contesting.com>
To: <rfi@contesting.com>
> Date: 8/16/03 20:36:08
> Subject: [RFI] PG&E Finally Acts on my RFI Complaint
> It took a while but PG&E finally addressed my RFI problem. Now, instead
> of S9 noise 50%of the time from one specific pole across the street, I
> have S5 noise all the time from everywhere else. (sigh) 
> I originally entered the call on 4/9/03, followed up by registered mail
> to PG&E's mail center and the CA PUC on 5/28. An outage was scheduled
> on my block for June 16, but no work was done. Finally, in the last
> couple weeks, while I've been at work, the top bars and insulators on 2
> poles have been replaced and a loose guy wire removed. 
> The key to getting service seems to be being able to get hold of the
> individual lineman or supervisor for your area. All the line crew for
> my neighborhood is very professional, with business cards and cell
> phone numbers. The breakdown in communication seemed to occur as the
> original call to the 800 number was never dispatched to the right
> supervisor, or never dispatched at all. Once I sent certified mail (and
> threatened them with a thrashing from a wet noodle by the FCC, using
> the ARRL's pro forma letter) the right people got notified.
> Now it's on to tracking down the constant S5 noise..... a ham's RFI
> work is never done....
> -Wiley KF6IIU
>  Lafayette CA
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