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[RFI] BCB Noise in Ford Expedition

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Subject: [RFI] BCB Noise in Ford Expedition
From: JoshDC@aol.com
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 07:56:04 EST
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My colleague has terrible noise afflicting AM broadcast band reception in his 
2000 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer model) with 8 cyl. 5.4L engine.  Ham Band 
reception is virtually impossible.  The BC radio is standard factory model.  BC 
AM signals are covered over with lots of noise, rendering AM BC stations 
unlistenable unless he is within their city-grade 5 mv/m contours.  Any tips 
remedying, or at least bringing down the level of, the noise/hash problems in 
this particular vehicle?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Jim K3JW
Washington DC
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