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Subject: [RFI] two topics...
From: "Jim Jarvis" <jimjarvis@comcast.net>
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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 19:23:03 -0000
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re:  BCI

A an open quarter wave stub on 1540 would probably be
worth having.

re:  BPL

I wonder what is going on in Manassas?????  This was the location of the
first system.  I assume it is operating?  I know there are a LOT of hams in
community.  I haven't heard a word out of them.  Is there a problem in

Steve, N4JQQ

I, too, have been wondering about Manassas.  Not a peep, so far.  The
strategy of the BPL providers is to shift frequencies to avoid specific
interference...figuring that hams are dispersed enough that they can
work around it, in the near term.  Then, ignore us, in the long term.


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