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Subject: [RFI] BPL Locomotive
From: CliffHazen@aol.com
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 06:10:26 EST
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As we can all see from the new FCC BPL rules,  this is the roll out plan 
written by the BPL industry.  They have even used the FCC to protect themselves 
from any liability for communications interference to public safety users.

BPL deployment on HF frequencies will be nationwide in major urban and 
suburban areas within 5 years, the whole market is driven by price, monthly 
cash cow 
ideology and ease of availability to the consumer.  Even living in an area of 
total underground electrical power distribution is no protection.

The most effective solution now is documentation of every interference 
incident with detailed reporting to our elected senators and representatives in 
Washington D.C. Thousands of well written letters every year on Congressmen's 
desks create political pressure for change. The FCC itself has collapsed 
in all areas of frequency interference resolution.  Look at the nightmare the 
FCC and Nextel have created in the 800 MHz band with Public Safety.  Even the 
Engineering Staff and Management in the formerly world renowned Office of 
Engineering and Technology are on board the BPL locomotive with the FCC 
Commissioners.  With BPL interference,  we are left to the solely profit driven 
electrical power industry who has a dismal record in dealing with RF 
interference in 
the past.

Letters are far more effective than emails, especially those including audio 
and video recordings.  Include copies of correspondence with FCC and BPL power 
utilities.  Congress responds to complaints against US government agencies. 
i.e. FCC, far more positively and effectively than complaints against major 
United States industries and companies.  Perhaps we need a new Federal Law 
forbidding employment with any regulated company or related representative, 
communications law offices, for 10 years after leaving the FCC as a Politically 
appointed Commissioner or FCC federal employ.

U.S. Senators


U.S. Representatives


Cliff N7HIY
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