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Re: [RFI] Power Line Noise in Indonesia

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Power Line Noise in Indonesia
From: Simon Martin <simon@knaap.co.id>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 12:35:46 +0700
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Many thanks to all that offered their help and advice to me concerning the power line noise I suffer here in Indonesia - I have replied to some off-list so as not to burden others with my replies.
I can see there aren't going to be any short cuts with this so will do as suggested and locate the source of the noise - then I think it will entail "greasing a few palms" to elicit help from guys working for the local power utility.

As a side note, all the residential areas here have local security guards to keep watch over the neighbourhoods. On the hour from midnight until five in the morning they walk each street under their control and give an electricity pole a good whack with a metal pipe to indicate what time of the night it is (starting with twelve for midnight!). I know it seems a bit strange but it indicates to all residents that the guards are doing their job and not sleeping. One can only imagine the damage inflicted on these poles that receive 27 strong hits per night 365 times per year !

I will report back when I get a resolution to this.


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