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Re: [RFI] source for RFI filter cordset?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] source for RFI filter cordset?
From: "Morse, Earl (E.A.)" <emorse@ford.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 13:49:43 -0400
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The most cost effective is the Corcom filters integrated with the IEC
connectors.  That configuration will also work the best for noise
suppression especially compared to a cable with the filter in the

I do have a filter in an IEC power cable that was commercially made for
Tempest computers in the late 80s.  It is about the size of a brick and
since it was for government applications cost was no object.  Works
great for RFI troubleshooting.

I think the closest you will get will be to pick up some Corcom filters
at a hamfest and solder an IEC cord to them.  I would rather homebrew
than give up big bucks for ready made.  Check out
http://www.mitcables.com for what you want starting at a mere $100.  For
that kind of money I could be a custom manufacturer too.


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Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 11:49:26 -0400
From: "Martin, AA6E" <martin.ewing@gmail.com>
Subject: [RFI] source for RFI filter cordset?
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Hello All,

I am tired of making improvised AC line filters by winding power cords
through ferrite cores for 6 or 8 turns.  They work ok, but they are
unsightly and oversized, especially if you have a 3-wire cord.

This should be a commercial product, don't you think?  I've searched and
haven't found one.  There are good RFI filters for IEC power outlets and
wired-in situations (e.g. http://www.corcom.com/Series/IEC/EASEBS/ ),
but I want one that is compact and integrated with a cordset, so you
just plug it in series with your equipment's AC cord.  Even simpler: a
box with the std recessed IEC male with filter on one side and a 3-wire
female outlet
on the other.   (I doubt that any of the premium "surge suppressors"
offer EMC filtering.  Does anyone know to the contrary?)

Yes, a box would be easy to make, but I want ready-made.  It's the sort
of thing that would cost you $12.95 at the hardware store if it were
produced in volume.  ICE has a box for $70+, but it is bulky and too
expensive for my application.

I'm thinking mainly of RFI egress (from consumer products to my
equipment), but this product would serve for ingress protection also.

Thanks for any pointers. Yes, I asked about this last year, but nothing
came of it.

73 Martin AA6E


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