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Subject: Re: [RFI] Monitor RFI
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Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 20:03:01 -0000
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This is probably a misleading test.  When holding an ht against the screen
of an lcd monitor you are probably only 1/4-1/2" from the active
electronics.  With a crt you could be a 10-12" or more for a large one.

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> From: Alan NV8A [mailto:nv8a@att.net]
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> When I was looking for a new monitor for the shack, I took my HT with me
> to various stores and held the antenna against the screen of various
> monitors, both LCD and CRT. The LCD monitors I encountered were
> significantly noisier than the CRTs, and I ended up with a Samsung 17"
> CRT as being the quietest I found.
> 73 and Happy New Year
> Alan NV8A
> On 01/02/06 06:58 am David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
> > Again the question... what noise problem?  I have 10 lcd monitors from 3
> > manufacturers in this room all running at once during hf and vhf
> contests
> > with no noise attributed to them.  And I am in such a quiet spot that my
> new
> > tv has to be wrapped in foil to get rid of it's noise on 160m... no,
> it's a
> > crt not lcd or plasma.

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