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Re: [RFI] Mobile amps and vehicle issues

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Mobile amps and vehicle issues
From: Michael Germino <ad6aa@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 22:48:14 -0800 (PST)
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Drilling a hole in the roof for an antenna is usually the best bet.  Unless its 
the XYL's car. HIHI
  1.  The antenna needs a good ground.
  2.  The antenna needs a good ground.  (yes, I said it twice)
  3.  Vertical separation is better than horizontal separation at decreasing 

digital-conjurers@adelphia.net wrote:
  Had a 1990 Mazda with an interesting twist: The rear window defogger grid was 
a _perfect 1/2 wave on 2 meters._ The antenna was on the trunk. Tried 
everything; RF traps, chokes, bypassing, toroids, etc etc. Never solved the 
problem, which largely had to do with the cruise control ramping up under 
key-down, and the LEFT turn signal flashing 2X as fast.

Went to a 1/2 wave on-the-front-window-thru-glass Larsen, went from 25W to 10W, 
and that cured about 70% of it, but it always was a bugaboo.

I would NOT install a mobile rig of any kind on my 2001 Mazda; this thing has 
more computers on it than Carter has pills, and they're _expensive_. Looks like 
the older, pre-computer vehicles are more desirable for this sort of thing!


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