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Subject: Re: [RFI] Ambient Noise Levels
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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 10:30:08 -0700
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At 07:14 AM 08/10/2006, you wrote:
>I don't believe sources I cited not a month of two back 
>are in agreement with that statement NOR does it 
>agree with the empirical  results that those using 
>shielded magnetic loops experience (which I had
>just alluded to in, I think, my previous post.)

Just as an anecdotal side note, a homebrew shielded loop for 75M was the only 
thing that kept me operational on the band last year.  I had a "Toy-Boy" 
neighbor who simply _had_ to have every piece of cheap,  unshielded, Chinese 
electronic junk on the store shelves, as well as a plasma TV.   This guy was 
only 30' away from me, and it made life on 75 misery.  (He was uneducatable.)  
Noise levels were around S-9 to 20 over, as I was using the worst of all 
possible worlds, a kind of vertical electrically shortened antenna, due to deed 

Built the magloop unit shown in the link, and was able to receive on the loop, 
and transmit on the vertical.  Worked like a charm.  By rotating the loop, I 
was able to get the noise down to an S-4 (during the wintertime-I don't op on 
75 during the summer.)

Just unscientific, anecdotal evidence, but it worked.



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