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[RFI] noise elimination

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Subject: [RFI] noise elimination
From: dxhogg@aol.com
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 21:42:40 -0400
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I have been experimenting again and have come up with a very good cure for rfi 
emanating from your neighbors house. I have been experimenting with clip on 
beads type 31 mix from dxengineering they sell 5 pack with 3/4 inch hole. what 
you do is remove the beads from their shell and for a 60 amp drop you use 4 
bead half's for 200 amp drop 6 bead half's.What you are trying to achieve is 
making a closed box of beads that you can attach to the line drop on the house 
side of the meter.?
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? =====
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? =====
the horizontal dashed lines represents 2 bead halfs?? the vertical bars are one 
bead half the bottom 2 bead half's do not get glued till the primary piece is 
installed in place?? super glue the top and 2 sides together let dry. take 
bottom 2 bead half's and glue together? remember you are looking down on to 
this device? take the main piece 4 bead half's that?are glued together and slip 
around line drop on the house side of the meter then take the 2 bead half's and 
glue to primary piece making a closed box around line drop the 6 piece unit 
fits nicely around a 200 amp line drop?? a 4 piece unit works well for 60 amp 
drop? i have made 20 of these and have installed these on all my neighbors? 
line drops? my nasty noise problems are history???? 73 ray nr1r

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