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Re: [RFI] Looking for ideas about yet another noise source

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Looking for ideas about yet another noise source
From: "Cortland Richmond" <ka5s@earthlink.net>
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Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 21:27:19 -0400
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Your description of the sound is similar to the propagation static I got
years ago mobile (until I went to a DC grounded matching circuit) on 80 CW.
There would be a  CLICK ... CLICK... CLICK ... CLICK CLICK...CLICK CLICK
silence for a while as the charge built back up.  That was the gas tube on
the rig working. Good thing, eh? 

Is it possible something isolated from ground is being charged in the wind
and arcing?  Any missing pole grounds where you live?  For that matter,
could it be one of your antennas?


> [Original Message]
> From: Christopher E. Brown <cbrown@woods.net>
> To: <rfi@contesting.com>
> Date: 7/11/2009 3:51:00 AM
> Subject: [RFI] Looking for ideas about yet another noise source
> Attempting to track down a bothersome very intermittant noise and looking 
> for some ideas.  Don't have a decent way to record it, but may need to
> something up if I cannot make headway.
> Noise is pulse, appears on at least 80-20, strength higher around 20.
> On the lower freqs, it is more of a static rush but time compressed, it
> also seemingly random, twice in 5 seconds, nothing for 40 sec, once, and 
> so on.  Seems to be there almost any time of the day or night.
> I would think static dischard or random arcing, but on 20m the sound is 
> very un-arc like, thing what would happen if you mixed a high pitched 
> "beep" with someone saying "quip".
> It would not be so bothersome, but on 20 the pulses are often +40 or so, 
> and screw with the AGC and generally make listening to weak signals on
> headphones unpleasant.
> I would assume this was some sore of pule charger or similar, but it 
> _never_ displays any kind of pattern.
> I would think intermittant arc except for the sound on 20m.
> Has me thrown and looking for ideas

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