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Re: [RFI] RFI from Inverter Technology in Split AC Systems?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] RFI from Inverter Technology in Split AC Systems?
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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:22:54 -0600
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Years ago, I had a lot of bad experiences with variable speed motor 
drives, but those were in industrial applications.  I know that technology 
has improved EMC performance in many ways, and any that are rated for 
residential applications might (not certain!) have some greater degree of 
noise reduction than industrial systems.  I can tell you that last year, 
the church I attend had eight (8) systems similar to yours installed to 
provide air conditioning and extra heat to our 105 year old building in 
eastern Iowa.  I am the sound system engineer for the church (as well as 
one of the Trustees who had to decide on whether to buy the systems) and 
had a lot of worries about hash getting into the audio system.  No problem 
to date, even though the power feeds to some of the heat pump systems are 
in the same power panel as feeds power to the audio system.

Yes, I know that an audio system is not a radio system, but it does have a 
lot of wiring (a.k.a. "antennas) running around with low level signals.  I 
have been impressed with the fact that since each of the 8 systems 
operates independantly of the others, on-off switching and varying of 
blower speeds is random and could be happening many times per hour.  Our 
units are not the same brand as yours, but they are from a South Korean 
manufacturer.  They otherwise seem very similar to what you are 
considering.  We've been  happy with the rebate we got from the power 
company and the first winter's savings in cost of heating an old building 
here in the Midwest. 

73, Dale


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Please respond to


[RFI] RFI from Inverter Technology in Split AC Systems?

We are looking at the Sanyo Flexi-Multi Series CMH3172
30,600 BTU Multi-System Heat Pump Ductless Split Outdoor 
Unit with DC Inverter, Microprocessor Control and Auto Fan 


It seems efficient, will handle our somewhat unique layout,
and is low-profile.

I am concerned about the "inverter technology" as I worry
it may generate a *lot* of RFI.  Is that a reasonable



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