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[RFI] Frustrating White Noise

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Subject: [RFI] Frustrating White Noise
From: Joe <wa6rkn@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 08:48:39 -0800
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Bear with me gentle readers, this is a tale of woe!  <<GRIN>>

About a month ago, my noise floor on 40 and 75m , ie:  white noise, rose to 
9 and 10 over.  In the AM, the noise floor is where it normally is...1 - 3 s 
units.  Then, around 9 or 10, give or take, the noise floor gradually climbs 
back up over 9.  Temperature does not appear to be the culprit.  Feed line 
(RG-8X) tests good and no water present.  Balun was replaced..no change in 
noise characteristic.  (Antenna is a BuxComm 6-80 Windom at 30 feet.)

I connected the radio (Kenwood T-2000X) to a battery, and turned off the 
master switch so no power was coming into my house..  No change in noise 
level.  There are no overhead wires in my neighborhood and the closest major 
overhead power line is a mile and a half away.

The frustrating thing is that it is pure white noise..no electrical type of 
noise...buzzing, chirping, whistling, crackling, etc., just what you hear 
for a noise floor.

Any thoughts?  What instrument would be needed to have something like this 
down?  The AM radio trick sure doesn't work...no overhead transformers to 
knock about.  Mercury vapor street lights are off when the noise level 
starts to climb in the late morning.

I am at my wit's end on this one....

Joe Wolfe
Reno, Nevada 

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