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Subject: Re: [RFI] Internet access (Dave Harmon)
From: Wes Stewart <n7ws@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 08:48:06 -0800 (PST)
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I struggled with dial-up for a long time.  At one time I tried a Sprint card 
(via a 3rd-party provider, whose name escapes me).  According to Sprint's 
coverage maps I should have had good service, but they lied.

My electric coop---one of the Touchstone Energy group---offers services from 
Transworld Network (TWN) and they offer Wi-Power, a Wi-Max system, but a 
mountain ridge between me and their access point blocked coverage.

I finally wrote to the CEO of the co-op and the next thing I know I got a call 
from Milt, N5IA.  Milt worked for another co-op for years in Eastern AZ and had 
built his own Wi-Max system in his community.  Wi-Power bought his business and 
hired him so he was now in charge of new services.  He found another existing 
250' tower, 8 miles line-of-sight from me, (already owned by the co-op) and had 
an access point installed there.

Because of the construction of my house, flat roof, no attic, no basement, 
running new cable was out of the question.  I had one empty 1/2" conduit from 
the roof to a utility closet.  The Wi-Max receiver output (Ethernet) comes in 
through the conduit to a Iinksys Wireless-G router.

This has been nearly flawless for over a year.

So John, I think that you are on a co-op.  If I'm right, you might approach 
them to see if they can, or have given thought, to providing Internet service.

To your original question I can say that I don't foresee any issues, although 
I'm not familiar with Belkin modems.

I already had a wireless modem but opted to pay the few bucks extra for the one 
offered by TWN just to avoid finger pointing if there were any problems.  I 
suggest that you do the same if you go to WB. 

BTW, I have at least 3 neighbors that I know of who had WB and went to Wi-Power 
once I got us service :-)

Wes  N7WS

> From: "Dave Harmon" <k6xyz@sbcglobal.net>

> My experience is that WB is far too expensive....and far
> too slow to be of
> much use.
> Can you get 3G in your area?
> I got it and it's the only way to go unless you can't get
> good cell tower
> reception at your location.
> Then....WB is likely the only thing else you can do.
> I have Sprint.
> Dave Harmon
> K6XYZ[at]sbcglobal[dot]net
> Sperry, Ok.
> -----Original Message-----

> I will soon be dumping dial-up at the ranch for Wildblue
> satellite system.
> Will
> be going wireless throughout the house. The local Wildblue
> dealer stocks a
> Bekin
> wireless modem. Not many choices out here in my rural area
> unless I order
> something online. You guys that moved into the 21st century
> long ago help me
> out. Any wireless modems that I need to avoid? Anything
> else that I need to
> know
> to avoid problems?
> John
> AE5B

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