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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 15:23:25 -0500
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Some have had great luck with Air Cards (EVDO 3G) using routers that accept
the air card and then running up some LMR400 to an outside yagi pointed at
the nearest cell tower.

I have been using wireless EVDO air cards from all three carriers sometimes
bounded together to achieve speeds >8Mbps.  Typically I use a single AT&T
HSPA version 4.1 which serves up abt 3.2Mbps with great reliability.  There
is no Cable or DSL available. The local wireless service provider will not
guarantee more than 500Kbps and the SAT data services suffer during
thunderstorm season and winter snow storms as well as when major incidents
occur in the US.

So, if you have even marginal cell service you might try locating several
near by cell towers, 2-3miles, and installing a wireless service. 


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Didn't mean to stir up a Wildblue/Hughes Net debate. 

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