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[RFI] Another Direct TV RFI Question

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Subject: [RFI] Another Direct TV RFI Question
From: AE5B <ae5b@arrl.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 13:08:37 -0600
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I have an old RCA Direct TV that dates way back to the days when you could go to
Wally World, purchase a box, nail the dish to the wall, and with a phone call to
the provider, you were in business. Run a kW on 160-6 in the same room along
with a hefty amount of power on 144/432. 220 is only 30 watts. Never bother the
TV at all but the antique RCA DTV box puts out some big time birdies on 2
meters. The only way I can work WSJT is to unplug the box.Turning it off has no
effect.  I would like to replace the old box and go to HDTV. How about the
current DTV HD receivers? Do they come equipped with a flock of birdies. If so,
I will stick with what I have. It ain't broke yet so I so not need to buy
trouble. I am not interested in the DVR model. only the HD model.

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