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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 13:27:04 -0500
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Just in case someone needs these to help solve a problem.

I do not know the seller or the products.

73, doc

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Subject: [TestEquipTrader] Feedthrough Filters great for projects !
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 18:14:45 -0000
From: deport-now <lotharbaier@yahoo.com>
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I received a big load of Screw in EMI Filters (feed-through caps), i 
have 4-40UNC and 8-32UNC types with 10p 100p 1000p 10nF in 2A and 10A , 
voltage rating is 200V !
Those are new filters and come with mounting hardware !
im selling those in packs of 5ea , asking price is $12.50per pack or 
$100 for 10 packs !
This is about as cheap as you will find those, normally those run about 
$6-10 ea !
Contact me at sales@myrfexpert.com


Merry CHRISTmas & 73, doc, KD4E
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