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Re: [RFI] Do we neglect problems and fix symptoms?

To: Charlie Gallo <Charlie@TheGallos.com>
Subject: Re: [RFI] Do we neglect problems and fix symptoms?
From: Jim Brown <jim@audiosystemsgroup.com>
Reply-to: jim@audiosystemsgroup.com
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 16:37:55 -0800
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On 12/30/2010 3:57 PM, Charlie Gallo wrote:
> I think the contention of the original poster was to "fix" the problem with 
> our wallets - as in, return them, and tell them WHY - and say "Guess what, 
> any product you make that has RFI problems will be returned"

Yes, that's an action I fully support, and have recommended more than 
once.  The problem arises when RFI-free products of a given type are not 
available in the marketplace, or are specialized products available only 
at 10-20 times the cost.

For example, Pin One Problems are the major cause of trash radiated by, 
and received by, consumer electronic equipment other than switching 
power supplies and motor controllers.  Try to buy ANY ham gear or 
computer gear or audio gear or video gear without Pin One problems. 
Thanks to serious evangelism by the EMC community within the AES, much 
(but not all) of the pro audio world has fixed their Pin One Problems 
over the last 15 years, but the rest of the world doesn't even know they 
exist.  Try to buy ANY REAL transformer or clean power supply  for Low 
Voltage lighting that will fit in the available mounting space (usually 
the electrical backbox for the fixture). There are no transformers -- 
any transformer rated for the load is twice as big as the mounting space.

Several years ago, a friend (also a ham) bought a couple of 
de-commissioned AT&T Long Lines sites, and we began to set one of them 
up as a ham station.  That worked great -- it was dead quiet, at least 
10 miles from the nearest thing connected to the power line -- until he 
leased space to some third parties who installed various internet links 
using cutesy crap with POE in unshielded racks with unshielded wiring. 
The solution would have required far more expensive hardware, and/or 
real cabling in shielded raceway.  It could have been done, of course, 
but was far outside the budget, and we decided to abandon our HF 
activities at the site.

73, Jim Brown K9YC
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