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Re: [RFI] Do we neglect problems and fix symptoms?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Do we neglect problems and fix symptoms?
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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:06:34 -0800
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"and tell them WHY - and say "Guess what, any product you make that has RFI 
problems will be returned" "

Having done this with many items over the past three decades and having 
worked in the electronics industry at various levels, I can tell you that 
you, and only you- will know, care or understand.  WalMart, or whomever- 
tosses the crap in the returns bin, the flunky behind the returns counter 
doesn't know or care, the manager doesn't know or care, neither does the 
courier, the person that worked for the company that made it, if it ever 
gets there, or anyone else if the product even gets that far.  Usually it's 
wholesaled out to a scrapper who gives a few pennies to the OEM if they have 
such an agreement, an they wouldn't make a fuss and miss out on a few 
hundred K a year.  Time isn't wasted, the problem is rarely, if ever- known. 
So long as the prototype passed its design requirement, that's generally 
good for the life of the company/product.

Perhaps if you sent an item directly to someone who cares this week (I say 
THIS week because the higher ups at times change as often as I buy coffee) 
to a manufacturer, at THEIR expense, in addition to your annoyance fee, I 
charge $2,400 per incident in one field I'm in with excellent results, ALONG 
with a listing of problems regarding the product and various 
national/international violations, you MIGHT get a response.

While we wait years on end, per manufacturer, for perhaps just one flaky 
resolution, let's wrap chokes into our cables to eliminate noise and happily 
play radio.


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