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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:29:05 -0800
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We have three power poles on our land bringing in 220VAC at 200 Amperes.

Ther first pole just carriedspower wires, here it splits, like a Y to two
other poles.

Pole #1 only feeds a water pump through a subpanel with breakers.  This pole
has a new electronic power meter.  This was installed in 1975.

Pole #2 has a mechanical meter and feeds the house from here, underground
about 250' to a subpanel with circuit breakers that distribute power through
out the dwelling.  This was installed in 1981.

Pole #1 has NO ground.  There is a severely corroded mass of metal that
resembles a ground rod and clamp.  There is no wire to the subpanel.

Pole #2 has has an oxidized ground rod and clamp partially covered in bird
droppings.  The ground wire, which may or may not actually be connected to
the household electrical system- I have yet to check, brushes against the
ground clamp, then makes three loops around the ground rod ranging from 1/4"
to 1/2" around the rod.  This was discovered under a mass of wet leaves and
other debris.

Back to pole #1 which feeds our water pump...  I discovered many years ago
that the WATER, traveling some 150' up 1-1/4" PVC pipe was the actual
neutral/ground line for our 200 amp curcuit in the house!  Talk about HOT
water! I have since fixed this.

I have taken photos of our electrical "grounds".  These are an insane
disaster!  They are available to those that would like to see them, I
suggest people put them on their websites and tell other about them.


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