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Re: [RFI] RFI from Electrolux Front Loading Dryer

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Subject: Re: [RFI] RFI from Electrolux Front Loading Dryer
From: Andy <ingraham.ma.ultranet@rcn.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:03:59 -0400
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I agree with Jim Brown, the case should already be grounded by way of
the power cord.  I am hoping yours is.  Agreed, it may not be an
effective RF ground at VHF, but it is there anyway and serves a

Electrolux's response was probably their stock dumb-a** answer to get
you off their back (you don't think their customer service people are
electrical engineers, did you?), and might be a valid response if you
were living in an antique house or third-world country that has no
ground wire in the power system.  Of course "they had never heard of
that problem;" they all say that.  Isn't it odd that they gave you a
semi-valid suggestion even though they had "never heard" of that
problem before.

It's possible your unit is actually malfunctioning (i.e., broken).
Whether it is or not, if it were me I'd have them truck it away.  If
they can prove yours is malfunctioning, then fine, have them repair or
replace it.

Since the noise is conducted, it's possible you could add a filter
(perhaps something Electrolux should have included, but someone
designed it out to save a few bucks) that might be somewhat effective.
 People like Jim K9YC know much more about this than I do and may have
some recommendations there ... after you have ruled out the
possibility of anything being wrong in your house's wiring.

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